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Wondering about the loan at Lakeshia, but you still can not make a final decision? Perhaps in taking a step forward, you will find the following article in which we reveal the advantages and disadvantages of this lender. See, then, when it pays to borrow in this company!

The Lakeshia offer is a suitable proposition for those who are looking for an offer with a longer repayment date. In this company, the repayment of the obligation can be spread even for 24 installments, thanks to which the repayment of the borrowed capital should not be too heavy for the household budget.

A loan application for payday loans is made online, use PaydayLoanHelpers. However, if you do not feel confident in the internet world, you can use the help of a company consultant. 

Lakeshia is also very flexible when it comes to the form of cash withdrawal. You can get money from the company in the form of a transfer to your account or withdraw it at the post office using the GIRO check. So if for what reasons you do not want the loaned funds to reach your account, you have a parallel solution to choose from.

The pros and cons of the loan at Lakeshia

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The advantages of a loan at Lakeshia

  • offer including both payday and installment loans,
  • the possibility of spreading repayment even for 24 months,
  • option to submit an application online or by phone,
  • two forms of payday loans: by bank transfer or in the form of a GIRO check,
  • no upper age limit for the borrower,
  • the option to extend the repayment of the loan,
  • no costs related to repayment ahead of schedule,
  • the possibility of taking another loan before paying off the current liability,

Loans disadvantages at Lakeshia

  • the loan is available only for people over 21,
  • the need to provide documents confirming income and a bank account statement,
  • customer control in virtually all debtors’ databases,
  • low amount of installment loan,
  • no free offer for new customers.